Operation Hardcore Review

Many ambitious and encompassing titles have come out of Steam’s Early Access library, with some delivering more substance and longevity than others. However, there’s never really been a proper chance for the smaller titles to succeed. Games like Nuclear Throne, The Long Dark, and The Flame in the Flood, only get under the radar attention, as the ARK’s and Dayz’s continue to overshadow them. The newest example of this is Operation Hardcore, a platformer that was ripped straight out of Micheal Bay’s book, and while it may not reshape the unfair gaming landscape, it still has some potential on it’s own. Here’s exactly why!


Another great implementation is that combos don’t feel like a chore

Operation Hardcore has the typical traits of a Steam released indie platformer on the surface, but when the chaos unfolds, it’s a challenge not to have a blast. For example, the game harkens back to some of the best classics in the platformer genre. It’s not the next Contra persay, but it’s definitely serviceable, and the controls are tightly produced in mind of those who play games like this.

Story & Design:

Casual fans may have a tough time with parts like these

One thing to note while playing Operation Hardcore however, is the effort it takes to survive each level. While this is easier with another partner at hand, the game goes a bit overboard in some of these respects. Bosses from the get go seem immediately unfair, but it’s nice to see these problems can get quickly ironed out, as the game isn’t procedurally generated. Examples like this are present in repeated playthroughs, although it’s all about patience on this one.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Some lines are well written

Operation Hardcore also has a bit of a hero aspect, which isn’t great for the game and it’s possibly upcoming competition with Broforce. However, the visuals and audio make these characters feel different, even though this isn’t the case mechanically. Otherwise, there’s nothing here you wouldn’t expect out of a 2D platformer.


Operation Hardcore is not in the dire state that other Early Access titles possess, bit it’s clear that there might need to be some reworking done in order to fully make a purchase. However, if you’re a platformer fan and it’s on sale, you really shouldn’t say no.

Operation Hardcore gets a 6/10 (Limited Appeal)

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