Prominence Poker Review

I always find gambling games with micro-transactions ironic, even if it’s necessary. However, games that have attempted to take the self aware route with it blunder. (A recent example being Poker Night 2.) And with the Playstation 4 already having a gambling game on it’s own, it’s time for Xbox One and PC to pay up to the current generation with their cards. Let’s see how this somewhat niche title stands up.


Starting off, Prominence Poker sets it’s stakes seriously. There’s a bit of character creation, but this doesn’t really compensate for anything that the gameplay is missing. There’s a progression system that’s meaty for those who really want to cave into this game and there’s a good structure to get to the next objective. However, some issues linger in design and presentation.

Story & Design:

Prominence Poker’s story shows the roots of something far greater, as the whole goals of winning against henchmen could have been influenced by non poker projects such as Shadow Of Mordor. (I feel it would have fit well!) You can really see this after a couple of hours, since there isn’t much variety in these altercations.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

There are two modes at the heart of Prominence Poker, but if you want to gain grounds experience-wise or cosmetically, you are better off with practicing in the story sections. The amateur-like voice acting feels a bit unfitting when you’re trying to get to your next move, but thankfully the models are a bit cleaner and diverse. This is likely because of the game’s heavy customization aspects, which is where some of the real life transactions lie.


Prominence Poker is a fashionable (no pun intended!), albeit modestly flawed poker adventure. I look forward to what the game will add and improve in it’s future, but right now it’s an average start that might not appeal to every gambler out there, particularly due to the story grinding and rough patches (which are more present on PC). But if you need a competent time-waster without the glorious expenses, this could suit.

Prominence Poker gets a 6/10 (Limited Appeal)

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