Robot Arena 3 Review

Cult classics don’t get revived too often, and if so, come under miserable circumstances either critically or commercially. So, in the early 2010’s it was surprising, but still delightful to hear that ABC was giving the cult classic Comedy Central show Battlebots a return. But, as much as the gaming industry’s changed now, fans knew they wouldn’t be getting a glimpse at what they could get in a more interactive form.

Nevertheless, the folks over at Octopus Tree are committed to delivering the proper robot smashing experience, so much that they acquired the original license and started work in a more early access form. So fans wondered, would this be another attempt to cash in on an old franchise, strip the potential, and kill it with broken mechanics? And, their qualms have sadly been proven in the game’s most current build.


Menu systems are aggravating, preventing the gameplay that lacks any finesse

For a game that so desperately wants to make a return to fame, it’s a bit shocking at how bad Robot Arena 3 transferred it’s nostalgic factors. Controls are an absolute wreck, and don’t even fit a more realistic feel the game could have gone towards. There also isn’t much hand-holding, and on top of a strange physics system, the overall gameplay feels lost.

Story & Design:

One of the more redeemable features

Even with bad games, there are potential, and Robot Arena 3 hides this in it’s creator system. While menu’s are an absolute pain in the butt to sift through and the whole thing isn’t really streamlined, it was the one aspect that yelled to me as if it had the most passion poured in, but in flawed respects. Things could have been better if the game didn’t have bad AI, but sadly this is yet another option.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Get ready to rumble!

Another issue about Robot Arena 3 that grinded my gears were the dated and near blockish graphics. These wouldn’t be such an issue if the game worked all the time, but I was mostly bored on top of being visually appalled. The game could have really gone for it’s own unique art style, and just for it to end like this is rather disappointing. However, the sound design has some charm.


Robot Arena 3 is a special kind of poor game, mostly because it’s premise is so outstanding. It could easily be the next Rocket League with enough polishing and balancing, but playing the game in practice wipes statements like that from my head. While some of it is salvageable in it’s current form, I hope things can be done better next time.

Robot Arena 3 gets a 3/10 (Painful)

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