Skin In The Game — A Fake Jacket Just Made Me $300

I can’t really remember how I got in to the beta for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but I want to say it was around December-ish. We’ve now come to call the game simply PUBG for short since it’s kind of a weird name for a game. But yes, either my email address got randomly selected or perhaps I had signed up for a code on some forum somewhere in the depths of nerdy PC gaming sites like NeoGaf or something along those lines. I just remember getting the code and thinking, “Yeah, I may have to try this game out at some point.”

PUBG is a battle royale style game and that genre has become insanely popular over the past year or so. The first title to really push ‘battle royale’ was a game called H1Z1. Or at least, that’s the game that hooked me in. The premise is pretty simple; you and a hundred other players all get dropped off on an island full of abandoned cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, and other points of interest and you need to survive to be the last man standing. Every other player in the game is an enemy and needs to be killed. You start with nothing but the clothes on your back and you must run around trying to find weapons, armor, helmets, and other boosters to increase your chance of survival. It’s definitely a genre that taps in to part Hunger Games and part traditional shooter game. I had a lot of fun playing H1Z1 but honestly, I was shit at it. I definitely liked the idea behind the game, but I was hoping another game would come along that would be more refined. Enter PUBG.

Like I said above, I can’t even remember where I got my beta code for PUBG. I guess I was just lucky? Anyway, one weekend while the beta was running, I decided to redeem my code and started playing. It was a lot of fun! So much so that I decided to pre-order the game so that I could have access to not only the rest of the beta, but also to get a special in-game reward bonus that the developer said would be pretty cool. I had no idea what that meant but I was looking forward to the release of the game to the general public.

H1 — the game that drew me in to Battle Royale style games

A few months later, the game finally launched to everybody. I logged in and went to unlock my special pre-order bonus. I was thinking it would be a cool gun that nobody else would have access to or something like that. Instead, I was awarded a special clothing set for my character. Not actual, physical clothes. This was digital in-game clothes for my character. It included PlayerUnknown’s “duster jacket”, PlayerUnknown’s “bandana” and PlayerUnknown’s “Red Hi Top Trainers.” I was uhh, underwhelmed to say the least. A jacket? Some red shoes?? Man, give me a break.

The game has done very well for itself and is probably one of the most popular games in the world. Counter-Strike and League of Legends are still the top, but PUBG is up there. About a month ago, one of my friends who I play with mentioned that I could actually sell my jacket online and make a decent amount of money. Apparently, the jacket and bandana are a pretty rare item. That seemed silly to me as the jacket itself provides no extra ability to my character in-game. It does not make me run faster or make my gun more accurate or anything like that. It’s simply cosmetic. It’s a way for me to show off in the game to other players that I was an official Pre-Order player. Who the hell cares? Yeah, I don’t either. I decided to look in to just how much money I could sell this thing for? I hit up the website to see. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The jacket alone was averaging about $150 and the bandana was close behind at $130.

The duster jacket and bandana that netted me an insane amount of money

So I put my stuff up for sale just to see if I could get any bites. This morning once my stuff hit the ‘market’ both items sold instantly. They didn’t last longer than a minute. My jacket sold for $185 and the bandana for $135 netting me a cool $320. That’s insane to me. All because I decided to plunk down $24.99 to pre-order a video game. Right place, right time I guess. Add me on Steam — SVegabond.

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