Slain: Back From Hell Review

For those who aren’t aware, Slain: Back from Hell is a re-release, following the loathed reception of the title’s originally buggy launch. You could the name is very fitting for this same reason, but even more interesting is the premise at the heart of Slain. It’s a metal themed Metroidvania, that goes all out on gores and guts. I’m not very into metal (some of the handful of bands I listen to in the genre include Vektor and Deafheaven however) but I was very intrigued to see how this would mix with the supposedly improved gameplay. Or is it a recollection of fake promises? Here’s what I learned from hell and back.


Gameplay wise, Slain: Back to Hell reminds me of the most memorable bits to come out of games like Volgarr The Viking and Brutal Legend. The combat has quite a lot of depth, which boosts the otherwise middling platforming when the game puts them together. There are some failed mechanics here and there, but the game succeeds at it’s goal in difficulty and entertainment.

Story & Design:

While Slain: Back From Hell may have the typical story of a platformer, it makes up for this with it’s level design. There are only six stages, but it is definitely a case of quality vs quantity, as each ends with fantastic boss fights which prove just how creative and intense the game can be.

The game also doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and ends in a pretty badass way. There’s also a couple of new modes and settings that have been added, and while they aren’t wholly substantial, they’re just what the game needs to equal an overall greater experience.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

It’s impossible to talk about Slain: Back From Hell without mentioning it’s soundtrack, and even though I’m more of a noise-rocker than a metalhead, I still found mass appreciation in what the game manages to present. This is definitely a soundtrack I’ll go back to from time to time, and the art design is just as fantastic, if a bit grainy.


Slain: Back From Hell provides an excellent platforming experience, and I look to see what can be done with it’s likely ports and upcoming updates. It’s realized it’s potential, but a couple issues here and there hold it back slightly. Otherwise, it’s pretty fantastic.

Slain: Back From Hell gets a 8/10 (Very Good)

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