Soft Body Review

Minimalist games strike me the same way as other forms of minimalist art, such as music. Walk away from the beaten path and you can get something truly strange and captivating, or even worse something that is rarely accessible. It’s a hard line to cross, and my recent reviews of games such as Dreii have proved when this can go slightly south. With this in mind, I was hoping Soft Body could right the wrongs in it’s spacey minimalist genre. And while it does some good, there’s more bad to be expected.


Combos are challenging to say the least

In Soft Body, you’ll be moving a speck of color in order to highlight and destroy certain objects, all while avoiding certain obstacles. It seems trivial and anti-complex, and that’s because it is. Soft Body’s concepts are something that could work well if executed as a mini game in other projects, but feel to stretched out to make a true difference here. There are some good ideas, but as the game progressively gets harder, there’s less of a sense of enjoyment, something I’ll dive deeper into the next section.


Levels are maze-like in their nature

The type of game that redevelops frustration into the will to keep on going is a rare one, and is something that’s certainly commendable. Yet when a game lacks it, it hurts on varying degrees. In Soft Body, gameplay is key, and something as detrimental as this goes bounds to make the player suffer. It’s not like the developers had no goodwill either, it just wasn’t balanced appropriately.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

At least you restart quick!

One of the few things I can praise Soft Body for are it’s visuals. While basic, they provide stepping stones for the type of atmosphere the game attempts to accomplish. Yet never does. Annoying attributions like these are at the heart of Soft Body, and only serve to make the game less forgiving, and a lot more flawed.


Instead of being the middle between a game that does too much and a game that does too little, Soft Body goes for the literal right side of this statement. The levels are properly put together no doubt, but when the gameplay feels like a chore, there simply isn’t much to appreciate.

Soft Body gets a 4/10 (Bad)

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