Super Toy Cars Review (PS4)

Super Toy Cars reminds me of a lot of things, but to me it’s the most reminiscent of partly bootleg toy cars and trucks you would buy as a kid. Sure they worked, but they weren’t as shiny and fast as the typical Hot Wheels play-sets, that bursted with charm and energy. As the disappointment quickly sits in, you move on to something else with much higher reaching levels of enjoyment, until you understand which ones to avoid and which ones to plead your parents to buy. Sadly, Super Toy Cars is the video game equivalent of that. It’s also one of those games that comes around every once in a while that has potential without doing anything new, just based off of it’s classic premise. In many ways it gives developers a lot of breathing room. As long as they don’t screw up, you’ll get a great playing game that manages to do all it’s set out for. Sometimes, that isn’t the case.

Every mediocre racing game trope? Check. Bland environments? Check. No real track structure? Check. This is the majority of problems in Super Toy Cars. It just feels minimal, even when it isn’t being compared to juggernauts. It has everything needed to make a game great, but doesn’t execute enough on it’s traits. For example, the track creator is fine, the cars are floaty, and the AI is particularly lifeless. There is constant rubber-banding, and if that isn’t bad enough, they’ll hit walls and obstacles at random.

Although most of Super Toy Cars is a mess, there are some good ideas hidden in it’s skin. Not every level is a race, as there are time-trials and elimination races spared about. It’s a grandeur idea, but doesn’t help much considering how bland the game is. The camera is also manageable, which is something surprising considering how racing games can sometimes be. I always felt a distinct disadvantage playing top-down, but I think that’s to be expected.

Super Toy Cars is overly forgettable. It could get a free pass for not trying something new based off of how it accomplished it’s atmosphere, but that unfortunately is not present. It’s boring, on top of being mind-numbingly dull at other points, creating the worst case of black & white. Worst of all, it feels like a game that was passed by so many chances, yet still crossed the finish line.

Super Toy Cars gets a 4 out of 10. (Bad)

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