The Cube-Daily News Update: 10/1/16

It may be a new month, but the instance of slow news days on the weekend are still present. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, October 1st 2016.

HTC is attempting to move VR into China:

HTC has announced it’s establishing a new startup titled Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance in conjunction with China’s Division of Electronic Information. Both will be promoting VR products in China, and now have the endorsements of 170 enterprises. If it succeeds, VR will likely become even bigger in market value.

Final Fantasy 15’s art director has left Square Enix:

Having worked on the Final Fantasy franchise for more than two decades, Yusuke Naora is finally leaving the franchise, and Square Enix. He announced this on Twitter, but also said that 15 would be his “greatest ending”. However, he’s teased that he’ll still be pursuing a new opportunity, but no other details were revealed.

Halo 5 Forge and Forza Horizon 3’s encryption systems have been cracked:

Halo 5: Forge and Forza Horizon 3 are some of the first games to have a new secure format to prevent modding and piracy, but it looks like hackers have found a way nevertheless. This means they can look at how certain files are arranged and named, and of course run in new files in the game’s settings. The system has already been named for performance issues on both titles.

Sean Murray is willing to be interviewed by Geoff Keighley about what happened w/ No Man’s Sky:

On the first episode of Live With Youtube Gaming, Geoff Keighley delivered a monologue about No Man’s Sky, and what it’s reception means for the industry. He also mentioned that the game’s creator Sean Murray, is open to talking about what exactly on the show. Nothing else was added.

Titanfall 2 has revealed new details for it’s official backpack:

OGIO is producing a Titanfall 2 backpack, and they’ve just revealed new details about the product on Amazon. It’s designed to contain 17 inch laptops, and has several pockets and velcro features. It costs $100 and releases one week after the game.