The Cube-Daily News Update: 10/11/16

On this Tuesday, we’ve got new confirmations about upcoming and already released titles. Here are your essential stories for November 11th 2016.

Overwatch has passed 20 million players:

While the game readies for a Halloween update, Overwatch is also celebrating something else. Blizzard has announced the game today that the game has passed the 20 million player mark, although this is for accounts created and not copies sold. Still impressive nonetheless!

Gears of War 4 is getting an L.A. hosted pop-up store:

In a new announcement on the Xbox Wire blog, Xbox Marketing Director Guy Welch announced that Gears of War is teaming up with Undefeated for a Capsule Collection and a pop up store (in L.A.). It will contain limited edition merchandise before the game’s release, which mostly includes clothing like hoodies, tees, and jackets. A trailer has been released, but is so far only on Vimeo.

Cuphead has been delayed to 2017:

Studio MDHR is delaying Cuphead once again, so they can prevent any compromises of a 2016 release. As they comically put it, “the game will now be finished 81 years after 1936". Keep in mind the release date will include Windows 10, Steam and Xbox One on the same date.

Battlefield 1 is getting private servers:

In a new Battlefield 1 blog-post, EA has announced plans which would allow players to purchase and host private servers, continuing traditions of previous titles. However, a new change is being made, third party companies are no longer handling the servers, which should give everybody the same uniform experience.

Battlefield 1 has no PC FPS cap:

Another Battlefield 1 announcement confirmed today is that the game will lack an FPS cap on PC, so players can show their new hardware off in style. The game is also adding cinematic tools, multi-monitor support, and a whole lot more. (Which we’ll update you on).