The Cube-Daily News Update: 10/15/16

On this Saturday, we’ve got some new revelations with Playstation VR, Blizzard, Call of Duty, and more. Here are your essential stories for October 15th 2016.

With a Cinematic Mode hack, you can run Xbox One and Wii U games on Playstation VR:

Discovered by Digital Foundry, owners of Xbox One and or WiiU consoles can run their games on Playstation VR, through a Cinematic Mode workaround. However, this only works if the Playstation 4 is still on and connected, and all the USB/HDMI ports are in the right place. Digital Foundry’s full explanation is below.

Image Drift is affecting some Playstation VR units:

New complaints have been reported surrounding the Playstation VR, and they’re not just focused on motion sickness. Multiple users have commented on the peripheral’s Center of View, detection and Screen View issues. Games site IGN has also corroborated the report, stating that they also viewed the problems with two employee retail units. Sony has not yet responded.

World of Warcraft’s Director is moving to a new TBA project within Blizzard:

Tom Chilton has helmed the World of Warcraft franchise for more than a decade, but he’s not leaving Blizzard just yet. In a new blog post, he’s revealed that he’s moved to work on another project inside the company, although he can’t elaborate on what it is. Expect to hear more around Blizzcon!

Final Fantasy XIV is ending Playstation 3 support:

Yesterday, Square Enix held an event to announce a new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, titled Stormblood (Which is aiming for a Summer 2017 release). However, the MMORPG is also dropping Playstation 3 support. However, if you do choose to upgrade, you’ll get the Playstation 4 version for free.

Rumor has it- the next Call of Duty is set in Vietnam:

Reported by IGN Spain, Call of Duty may be abandoning it’s futuristic themes next year, when Sledgehammer takes the wheel. The studio has previously experimented with the location before, and even pre-produced a third person Vietnam shooter that was later cancelled. With the concept being quite familiar, this may be true.