The Cube-Daily News Update: 10/9/16

With NYCC going down, we’re getting news in all places. Here are your essential stories for Sunday, October 9th 2016.

Battlefield 1’s preload starts in a week:

Gamers across the United States and Europe have noticed that Battlefield 1’s preload will begin in a week, meaning the game’s 42 gigabytes will be pre-installed before the launch date. If you’re one who’s preordered the game and has this set, remember to click the auto-download option as well!

Sniper Elite 3 is having a free weekend on Steam:

Steam is offering two games for October’s first free weekend, which include Tales of Symphonia and Sniper Elite 3. The games are also on sale for $6.79 and $9.99 respectively, so if you miss out on the opportunity you’re still getting something of value.

Some Darksiders veterans are co-developing a new Oculus Touch title:

After THQ’s shutdown, many Vigil Games devs moved to Crytek’s USA branch, and then formed their own independent studio called Gunfire Games. After developing a VR adventure title Chronos and producing a Darksiders remaster, their next venture is the Oculus Touch launch title Dead & Buried, which is a Western themed shooter. You can watch some footage below.

Epic’s upcoming Oculus Touch project will be free:

A couple days ago, we talked about Epic Games’s next VR venture (Robo Recall) a futuristic FPS which would launch on Oculus Touch. Now, we know now that the title will be free, but we’re unaware of the capacity. Either way, the game will drop late this year/early next year.

Invisible Inc is now on iPad:

Klei Entertainment is launching their strategic stealth title on iPad this weekend, for $5. However, it does not look like this port will support any new features, based off a press release. The title is also available on iPad only!