The Cube-Daily News Update: 11/14/16

Today, we’ve got news all over the spectrum, and even peeks at what announcements you might see coming at the end of the year. Here are your essential stories for Monday, November 14th 2016.

Hideo Kojima will be at 2017’s RTX Australia:

In the past couple of years, Rooster Teeth added it’s annual convention to Australia, but the event is about to get a lot larger, as there’s a chance to attend an exclusive industry party with game creator Hideo Kojima after buying a ticket. It takes place in Sydney, although there’s no word if new footage for games like Death Stranding will be shown. Deadline is the 20th of this month!

You might get banned if you post any of Watch Dogs 2’s more suggestive content:

Watch Dogs 2 is one of the more raunchy games in recent memory, but posting some explicit details could led to a Playstation Network ban. After a NeoGAF user posted a photo of in-game female genitalia this weekend, his account lost online privileges for a full week. Sony, nor Ubisoft have responded for further comment.

Telltale’s upcoming Marvel game is likely Guardians of the Galaxy themed:

The SAG-AFTRA strike recently released a document surrounding which upcoming games that should be boycotted, but some journos have connected the dots and found out hints at upcoming titles, including ones in the Telltale camp. Why? One ominous codename matches with a production studio the development team has used. Still wait for an official announcement before jumping on the hype train.

A famous Nintendo leaker is teasing that the next Zelda may be pushed out of it’s March window:

Besides for Laura Kate Dale, another prominent Nintendo leaker has been Emily Rogers, and she’s recently shared some words on the localization issues The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is facing. This means the game will likely suffer a short delay, as more bug testing needs to be done after this is finished. Nintendo has not responded to this rumor.

Ubisoft is hiding two game announcements within the newly released Watch Dogs 2:

In Watch Dogs 2, there’s a mission in which you hack a Ubisoft studio and discover some new info. This includes a lot of self-awareness that also mentions some of the infamous Assassin’s Creed leaks, but the finale also contains an unreleased trailer for an untitled game. It’s set in space, has a colorful vibe, and that’s all we’ve gathered. Maybe we’ll see something at the upcoming TGA’s? Watch it below.

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