The Cube-Daily News Update: 11/5/16

Today we’ve got FPS news, and a whole lot more. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, November 5th 2016.

A new leak has revealed some Destiny 2 info:

A leaked screenshot of a Bungie employee’s gamertag has now made rounds in Destiny 2 speculation circles. While it only offers text, it does offer a peek at one of the game’s possible settings, in this case the Mars moon Deimos. This could also mean the story focuses more around the Cabal this time.

Overwatch is getting more maps:

Blizzcon is still up and running, and thanks to that, we now have more details about Overwatch’s future. Two maps titles Oasis and Eco Point are coming to the game, and will even arrive on PTC PC servers next week. No console date as of right now, however.

Ubisoft is developing a surprise title for the Nintendo Switch:

Ubisoft was one of the earliest proponents of the WiiU, and now, they’re doing the same for the Nintendo Switch. In a new Facebook post, Yves Guillemot (the company’s CEO), said that his development teams have been surprised by vast opportunities, which is even leading to one surprise game. No other details were provided.

Drawn to Death is no longer free-to-play:

A new Playstation Blog post has stated what Drawn to Death is leaving behind during this point in development, the biggest being it’s free to play model. However, the game is still keeping it’s core gameplay, and will have six characters and ten maps. The removal of the aforementioned feature was also done to keep the game more “traditional”.

The Crew has reached 10 million players:

It hasn’t been two years since The Crew launched, but Ubisoft has a brand new grab bag of statistics to celebrate otherwise. The game has just reached 10 million players, and 11 billion kilometers have been driven. On top of this, 15 million pictures were taken, and 45 years of air time were gauged.