The Cube-Daily News Update: 12/14/16

Today, we’ve got a lot of release date news, and one or two other things. Here are your essential stories for Wednesday, December 14th 2016.

Dishonored 2 is getting a New Game Plus mode:

If you’ve finished Dishonored 2 but still feel like there’s something missing before DLC rolls around, the game’s first update is coming on the 19th which adds a New Game Plus in which you can combine Emily and Corvo’s powers. However, you can play the beta version of the update on PC early!

Ready At Dawn’s next game has a release date:

Ready At Dawn’s new cutsey arena brawler Deformers will release on February 14th 2017, the company revealed today in a press release. However, it’s physical version and Collector’s Edition will be exclusive to Gamestop, with prices ranging from $30-$40. The latter includes stickers and vinyl figures.

DOOM is getting it’s final DLC:

iD Software has announced that DOOM’s last piece of DLC, Bloodfall, is out today. It’s $15, and includes three maps, a new controllable demon, and a new weapon. There are also other improvements/additions in the form of hack modules and customization options.

It looks like the Test Drive franchise may not be dead anymore:

Originally owned by Atari, European publisher BigBen will now hold the license to the TestDrive franchise, and even plans to make new games with the IP. The franchise was previously in Atari’s hands for 25 years, and never had a company move before.

Sony has announced new details, release date for it’s 2nd Playstation 4 headset iteration:

Sony’s $160 Platinum Playstation 4 Headset will release in North America on January 12th, the company has announced. In addition to this, they’ve also released a video by Naughty Dog which explains some of the new technology innovations included with the device (such as 3D audio). Check it out below.

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