The Cube-Daily News Update: 12/2/16

Today, we’ve got leftovers from the 2016 Game Awards, and preparations for Playstation Experience 2016. Here are your essential stories for Friday, December 2nd 2016.

Bulletstorm’s remaster is a full $50:

The Bulletstorm remaster has already gained some early controversy for having a $50 price tag, but know new details have been released to supposedly prove the value. Included is a new Campaign Mode, new Echo Mode levels, updated visuals and remastered audio effects. However, if you’re a PC gamer, it’s 15% off on Steam right now.

The Game Awards 2016 VOD is now available in 4K:

Originally copyright striked out of Youtube error (w/ no audio too), the VOD for the 2016 Game Awards are available in 4K, and lower qualities. This means you don’t have to look up third party channels to watch it, which directly supports the creators for next year’s show.

December’s Playstation Plus games have been revealed:

While the pattern hasn’t changed, the games always do, and December’s Playstation Plus games have just been revealed. Playstation 4 owners get Invisible Inc. and Stories: Path of Destinies, while Playstation 3 owners collect Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops and those w/ a Vita get Color Guardians and VVVVVV. Crossbuy games include Tiny Troopers and Color Guardians.

Guillermo Del Toro has sworn vengeance on Silent Hills:

Teasing some sort of embargo/contract break, Guillermo Del Toro has released some harsh words about Konami through Twitter (after the 2016 Game Awards) including “FUCK KONAMI”, “VIVA KOJIMA”, and “Konami cancelling SH after PT is one of the most ironic things I’ve ever witnessed”. It’s safe to say they won’t be working together in the future!

Telltale Batman’s first episode is free (on Steam):

If you’re a PC gamer and have Windows 10, you can now play the first episode for a Batman: A Telltale Series, during a limited deal. The deal ends at the end of this week, and carries the same rules from when the game’s first episode’s was free on other consoles.