The Cube-Daily News Update: 12/3/16

Today, we’ve got all the big reveals from Playstation Experience 2016! Here are your essential stories for Saturday, December 3rd 2016.

The Last of Us is finally getting a sequel:

Closing the PSX 2016 conference, we’ve know learned that Naughty Dog is developing a sequel to The Last of Us called The Last of Us Part 2. It will feature older versions of Joel and Ellie, and there’s even teases of the Fireflies returning. Check out the trailer below.

Uncharted 4’s DLC has been revealed:

Revealed through a 10 minute gameplay demo, Uncharted 4’s DLC will feature Chloe and Nadine and has been described as a standalone game/chapter. No date or mention of other characters have been provided. Check out the trailer below.

Marvel VS Capcom 4 is a thing:

Marvel VS Capcom 4 is a real thing, and has been revealed to come to consoles in late 2017. Gameplay will be revealed at 2016’s Capcom Cup, but it seems other rumors such as no X-Men have been proved to be true. Check out the full trailer below.

Knack is receiving the sequel treatment:

Teased through Linkedin leaks, Knack 2 has finally arrived. It will feature the same gameplay and cooperative elements of the first game, but on a bigger scale. No date has been revealed, but it’s likely to launch in 2017. Check out the 1 minute trailer below.

Three Wipeout games are being remastered for Playstation 4:

The last big announcement at Playstation Experience 2016 deals with a franchise many thought was dead, returning in HD. Wipeout, Wipeout Fury, and Wipeout 2048 are being remastered for the Playstation 4 next year. (with new features too) Check out the trailer below.