The Cube-Daily News Update: 12/5/16

If anything, a crazy week in gaming has been followed by company intrigue. Here are your essential stories for Monday, December 5th 2o16.

Dead Rising 4’s length has been revealed:

Dead Rising 4’s lack of a timer has apparently done more than change the game’s mechanics, as it’s been revealed that the main story can be completed in 7–6 hours. The game also does not have multiple endings, which has been a feature present in every title until now.

The Last of Us 2’s new writer has some serious cred:

On Twitter, The Last of Us Part 2’s director Neil Druckmann announced that the game’s co-writer would be Halley Gross. While she hasn’t worked on a game before, she is known for her narrative work on HBO’s Westworld. Druckmann has also described the story as intense, and containing a theme of hate.

THQ Nordic has bought out some new franchises:

THQ Nordic has been a developing publisher lately, and the company has announced an addition of three new IP to it’s portfolio, although they aren’t exactly household names. These include Legends of War, Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy, and War Leaders: Clash of Nations. The company has also teased that some of these titles could make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, so expect a remaster/sequel, prequel down the line.

Capcom wants to make more titles off of old IP’s:

In a new press release, Capcom has detailed that Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite isn’t an exception (in terms of franchise returns). The company has stated that this strategy will be shown off more next year, although they haven’t detailed which games will receive the treatment. They also shared the news that the MvC franchise has shipped 7 mil units.

The next game from Towerfall’s creator has been shown off:

In a new Playstation Blog post, Towerfall creator Matt Thorson revealed his next project for the coming year titled Celeste. It’s about climbing a mountain filled with ruins, cities, and cliffs and features more than 250 stages. It launches in mid 2017.

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