The Cube-Daily News Update: 12/6/16

Some might think The Last Guardian releasing after it’s decade long dev cycle was the most interesting thing to happen gaming-wise today, but with today’s stories, they might be proven wrong. Here are your essentials for Tuesday, December 6th 2016.

Russia isn’t exactly happy with FIFA 17 lately:

Russian MP’s have now suggested that FIFA 17 should be labeled as pro-LGBTQ+ propaganda in the country, after the game had a campaign supporting the English Premier League’s pro-LGBTQ+ stance. If issues continue to arise, the game could get an equivalent of an M rating in Russia. The move was done by Russian officials after a law passed against pro LGBTQ+ content in 2013.

Battleborn is getting a PS4 Pro patch:

Battleborn may not be the hottest game in the world right now, but the game is still getting support from Gearbox. The newest instance of this is an upcoming and undated Winter update, which brings Playstation 4 Pro support (letting you choose between different frame-rates and resolutions) The update will be broadcast live on Twitch during Thursday.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is getting a current-gen retail release:

A new leak has showcased that Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will come back to store shelves (for current generation consoles) when the game releases on Xbox One next March. While these were discovered on Gamestop’s site, there’s no word if their exclusive to the store, as they have started to do such promotions.

A God of War writer is moving to Knack 2:

In a new Polygon feature, we’ve learned that Knack 2 is getting some new talent after the first game was criticized for it’s dialogue. God of War writer and BAFTA winner Marianne Krawczyk will be penning the sequel’s script. This is a definite shift for the game, as it’s typically known for a casual, childish style.

This year’s Game Awards brought in almost 4 million viewers:

Geoff Keighley and co have presented The Game Awards 2016’s viewership statistics to Polygon, and it seems like some bets have paid off. The show received 3.8 million viewers, with nearly one million coming from Chinese services QQ and Wechat. The show also outtrended Thursday Night Football.

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