The Cube-Daily News Update: 2/21/17

Today we’ve got five news pieces chockfull of new game announcements, coming from Square Enix, Kalypso, and some prolific indie developers. Here are your essential stories for Tuesday, February 21st 2017.

Rime’s length has been confirmed:

In a new WCFF Tech interview, the developers behind RIME, (Tequila Works) provided some words on the game’s length. First of all, the game will take eight hours on a normal play-through, but will take ten if you are looking to find all collectibles/secrets. No DLC/add-ons have been planned.

The Dungeons franchise is continuing with a third entry:

Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios have announced that the third game in the Dungeons management series will launch in fall 2017 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Mac, Linux, and PC. The game will first appear in public at this year’s GDC, but you can nevertheless check out a sneak peak with the announcement trailer, listed below.

Square Enix is developing an all new RPG:

I Am Setsuna may not have sold well enough to proof Square Enix’s recent instances of new IP/studios, but they’re nevertheless continuing with the recently announced Project Prelude Rune. While the release date and listed consoles are unknown, we do know the game will contain elements of mystery, and will be directed by the producer of the Tales series. (Hideo Baba)

New details have been revealed for the Metal Gear Solid movie:

We haven’t heard much about the Metal Gear Solid movie, but director Jordan Vogt Roberts has shared some more details ahead of the release of his upcoming big-budget directorial debut, Kong: Skull Island. He’s said he wants to honor the creator and series, but is unsure of the rating the film will tackle. He also said that there will be direct influence taken from the series, instead of other action franchises like Mission Impossible or GI Joe.

The developers behind Rogue Legacy have announced their next game:

Cellar Door Games, known for their roguelike Rogue Legacy, have announced a new title set to launch this year for Xbox One and PC, titled Full Metal Furies. It will be a co-op RPG themed brawler, and will be about 15–20 hours long. Check out the first trailer below.