The Cube-Daily News Update: 2/27/17

Today, we’ve got news on game sales, and risks being taken by game companies and their frontmen. Here are your essential stories for Monday, February 27th 2017.

Twitch will soon implement game purchasing through its site:

Twitch has announced it will be bringing more convenience to your life if you happen to use live-streaming to influence your purchases, as in-game content sales will soon be enabled this Spring. Companies such as Ubisoft and Telltale have already partnered with the feature, and developers will receive 70% of the revenue. On the other hand, streamers get the other 5% that Twitch doesn’t take back.

Minecraft sales have hit the 120 million mark:

Minecraft has announced through Twitter that the game has hit 122 million sales, along with a whole bunch of statistics. Last June, the game had hit the 100 million mark, and both figures include all the platforms the game is available on.

Peter Moore is leaving EA for England soccer team Liverpool:

Known for his wide career in games, EA’s Peter Moore will finally be starting something completely new, leaving the games industry and EA for a CEO position at Liverpool F.C. He will still have a couple months left at EA while he works on the Competitive Gaming Division, but after that it will be strictly sports.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been formally announced:

Although most details were leaked last Sunday, Warner Bros has nevertheless released a full trailer for Shadow of Mordor’s sequel, Shadow of War, along with the news a gameplay reveal is coming on the 8th of next month. You can watch the first trailer below, in all of its CG glory.

CCP Games has revealed their next game, a cooperative VR sports title:

CCP Games, best known for their work on the MMO EVE Online, have announced Sparc, a VR sports game for Playstation, Oculus, and HTC Vive. It will release sometime this year, and more information will be provided in the coming months. In the meantime, you can watch the first trailer.