The Cube-Daily News Update: 2/4/17

Today we have a ton of Death Stranding/Kojima news coming out of RTX Sydney, as well as a couple other game tidbits. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, February 4th 2017.

Another Injustice 2 character is getting revealed next Tuesday:

Following the reveal of Black Canary, Netherrealm has posted a new update on Injustice 2’s official site, teasing that another character will be showcased next Tuesday (The 7th). This has also been paired with an announcement of Ed Boon releasing more beta codes through Twitter. Injustice 2 launches May 16th, 2017.

Kojima is committed to releasing Death Stranding on Playstation 4:

During the aforementioned RTX panel, Kojima was asked directly whether Death Stranding could release on the Playstation 4, as a release date has yet to be formally announced. Kojima responded by saying that the game will be released on Playstation 4, but did not provide any info if a Playstation 5 release was still possible.

A sequel to Death Stranding hasn’t been planned:

During the same panel, Kojima mentioned that he hasn’t drafted ideas for a Death Stranding sequel, and will only continue the franchise if the first game is received well and people ask for one. Kojima also stated that this is the strategy he uses for all of his titles.

One of Kojima’s endeavors before Metal Gear was cancelled:

Lastly, Kojima also happened to share that one of his projects before the first Metal Gear was cancelled, although did not share details on the game itself. Rather, he talked about the situation behind the cancellation, which involved his then lack of expertise for game design.

Deformers has been delayed by a month and a half:

Revealed through Gamestop and EB Games, Deformers date has been shifted to March 31st. The game was originally supposed to launch on February 14th 2017, and would be launched as a physical exclusive to Gamestop. This form of release will be continued with the moved date however.