The Cube-Daily News Update: 3/15/17

Today we’ve got dates for multiplayer branded adventures, as well as DC and Disney game crossovers. Here are your essential stories for Wednesday, March 15th 2017.

Energizer’s branded Xbox One controller chargers are being recalled:

PDP has released a safety recall for it’s Energizer Xbox One 2X controller chargers, as they’ve recently been reported to present burn hazards. The product was first sold in February of last year, and had even shipped 121,000 units before the claim. Owners of the product can request and receive a full refund.

Drawn to Death will be free for Playstation Plus subscribers next month:

In a new post on the Playstation Blog, David Jaffe, creator of multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death, specified the title’s partnership with Playstation Plus. This means that the game will be free for the first month of release to all users of the service, instead of costing the normal $50. This announcement also included five features which are being included on launch, such as mystery boxes and character centered missions. Drawn to Death launches on the 4th of next month.

Capcom is rereleasing a variety of retro Disney classics in a new collection:

Capcom has announced a new remaster package, which includes the NES games Chip and Dale and it’s sequel as well as Ducktales and it’s sequel. It will launch on the 18th of next month for $20, with additional features such as Rewind and time trials. Watch a trailer below.

Uncharted 4'’s King of the Hill multiplayer add-on has a release date:

Also detailed on the Playstation Blog, (by no other than Naughty Dog’s Senior Communications Manager Scott Lowe) Uncharted 4’s King of the Hill multiplayer mode will launch on the 17th of this month. (This Friday) It will cost no money, and will be packaged along with new weapons. However, no new trophies are being added.

Nuclear man Firestorm is debuting in Injustice 2:

Nuclear Man, also known has Firestorm, is being added to Injustice 2’s roster, and will be the 27th character in the game. Gameplay wise, a new trailer shows he’s very fire focused, but will use some more personal elements from the comics he appears in (such as a dual personality). Check out a trailer below, Injustice 2 launches on May 16th.