The Cube-Daily News Update: 4/13/17

Today we have a variety of Xbox themed news among teases and esports. Here are your essential stories for Thursday, April 13th 2017.

90’s beat-em-up Sengoku 2 is now out on Xbox One:

The first Sengoku game recently released on Xbox One, and now it’s sequel has arrived on the same platform for $8. The game originally released back in February 1993, you can find it on the Xbox Game Store if you choose to purchase.

Self-Service refunds are now available on Xbox One + Windows 10:

In a new announcement shared in the Insider dashboard to Alpha testers, Microsoft has declared they will now offer self-service refunds for Xbox One and Windows 10. This means that you can return a digital product instantly, once you visit Paymen, billing, and order history menus. A variety of terms have to be complied by though, such as less than 2 hours of play time within 14 days of purchase.

More has been shared for ESL’s 24 hour esports channel:

ESL has shared more details for their 24 hours esports channel EsportsTV, which will debut on any Elite Playstation Vue plan. Some form of release info has also been given, as the channel is set to go live in IEM Sydney between late April, early May (by the 4th).

Starblood Arena is receiving Playstation 4 Pro support:

In a new interview with Pure Playstation’s Chris Harding, developer WhiteMoon Dreams has confirmed their VR arena combat title Starblood Arena will support Playstation 4 Pro. While no resolution/framerate details were shared it is hefty, sexy, and silky (according to the devs).

Namco Bandai is teasing a strange new game:

On April 20th, Bandai Namco will announce a brand new title, but before then, they’ve shared a mysterious teaser w/ the tagline “prepare to dine.” Feel free to watch it below, though keep in mind that there is no word if it relates to Dark Souls or not.

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