The Cube-Daily News Update: 4/16/17

Today occupies smaller stories, including remasters, console maintenance, and game updates. Here are your essential stories for Sunday, April 16th 2017.

The Nintendo Switch will undergo upcoming maintenance:

All online services for Nintendo’s most recent consoles will be unavailable twice within the next week, the company has announced on their website. The first instance of this will be tomorrow for two hours (starting at 5 PM), and then two days later for 1 hour and 15 minutes (starting at 6:45 PM). No word on more maintenance will be continued from the 19th.

Star Citizen is nearly redesigning its performance optimizations during its 2017 rollout:

Cloud Imperium’s newly released production schedule for Star Citizen 3.0 has given details on planetary tech, performance optimizations, and more. The first includes a graphics feature called RenderTarget factor which saves 50% of video memory usage, as well as a refractor which allows for more planetary scale shadows. A Solar System Editor is also set to be added, on top of other general performance improvements.

THQ Nordic is remastering Spellforce 2, and giving it to the game’s original owners for free:

THQ Nordic has partnered with developer Phenomic to release a remastered version of Spellforce 2 titled Spellforce 2: Anniversary Edition, which will be free to fans of the original game. The remaster includes general bug-fixes and re-implemented multiplayer, on top of widescreen support and Shader Model 3.0 usage. Spellforce 2 originally launched in 2006.

More content is coming to Fast RMX:

On April 19th, Fast RMX will finally receive an update allowing online friend invitations, as well as a time attack mode addition. All of this content will be free. Fast RMX launched last month as a Nintendo Switch launch title (digital-only)

Ubisoft’s third DrawRace launches today:

Australia, New Zealand, Finland, and Romania, can now experience Ubisoft’s third DrawRace title today, as it soft-launches over the world. If you haven’t heard of the franchise before, it’s a series of free to play racing games known for their social features. The last DrawRace launched in 2013.