The Cube-Daily News Update: 5/11/17

Today holds some sad news, but also something welcome for fans of Twitch and HTC Vive/Oculus. Here are your essential stories for Thursday, May 11th 2017.

Square Enix is letting IOI Interactive go:

Following a loss of around 4o million dollars, Square Enix has made the decision to sell IOI Interactive, the developer of the most recently released stealth title Hitman. Square had owned the franchise and developer since 2009, making this quite a surprise. No word if this will affect development of Hitman Season 2.

Starbreeze will skip this year’s E3:

Known for publishing/developing such titles as Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and the upcoming Psychonauts 2, Starbreeze has revealed their plans to skip this year’s E3. The reasoning for this was that the company already put their E3 resources into a recent conference, which detailed many of the company’s upcoming games.

Oxenfree is now free w/ Twitch Prime:

One of the most acclaimed indie titles from last year, Oxenfree is now free for those with Twitch Prime. If you have a Prime account, steps are quite simple, and include adding the game to your account and downloading the title through the Twitch desktop app. The deal will be available until May 15th.

Thief may be receiving an upcoming game, movie adaptation:

Film production company Straight Up Films is claiming that a new game for the Thief series is in development along with an upcoming film, which will be written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, who are known for writing the 2016 film Misconduct. The last Thief game released at the beginning of the 8th generation of consoles, in February 2014.

Battlezone is no longer a Playstation VR exclusive:

Rebellion has now released a PC version of their arcade shooter Battlezone the company has announced today, which will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This version is not only notable for losing the title’s Playstation VR exclusivity, but also running faster/better. Battlezone originally launched in October 2016 and is a reboot of a well-known Atari title.