The Cube-Daily News Update: 5/27/17

Today has a mix of indie games, Playstation titles, and release dates. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, May 27th 2017.

The current generation port of Resident Evil Revelations now has a release date:

Capcom has given the release date for their Playstation 4/Xbox One Resident Evil Revelations port in a new press release, along with a list of features and supported DLC’s. The game launches on August 29th, and features an extra game mode (Raid), along with high resolution support. The last Resident Evil Revelations title to launch was the episodic sequel in 2015, the first game released in 2012.

Towerfall Ascension will make its way to Nintendo Switch:

Matt Thorson, lead developer of studio Matt Makes Games, has revealed the studio’s hit multiplayer title Towerfall: Ascension is coming to Nintendo Switch on his Twitter. This was done after responding to a fan’s Q&A, although he didn’t give a specific date. Towerfall Ascension first launched in June 2013.

The Playstation 4 Pro now has a release date in China:

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad (known as ZhugeEX on Twitter) has confirmed that Sony will be launching the Playstation 4 Pro in Japan on June 7th, for 2999 RMB. This follows an announcement by Microsoft that Project Scorpio would launch in the same region, the Playstation 4 Pro first launched in November 2016 (US).

Moto GP 17 will support Playstation 4 Pro:

Milestone has confirmed that their annual motocross/racing title MotoGP 17 will support Playstation 4 Pro, even though such features as a 60 fps frame rate go for all consoles, regardless of upgrade. It was also shared that only PC users will be able to lock the game’s frame-rate, this can be accessed in the in-game options. MotoGP 17 launches June 15th.

Tinybuild is bringing Phantom Trigger to the Nintendo Switch:

Tinybuild is bringing Team Bread’s slasher RPG Phantom Trigger to Nintendo Switch, the company confirmed today. There is no release date, and details surrounding the game in general aren’t abundant, besides for the fact it will also launch on PC. You can, however, watch a new trailer below.