The Cube-Daily News Update: 6/23/16

On this Thursday, new problems arise for Overwatch after it’s hack, and the ambitions are revealed by Zelda and Bayonetta creators.

Here are your essential stories for June 23rd 2016!

A near professional Overwatch player was wrongly accused by players of cheating after a string of trolling:

The world of Overwatch Esports is already a competive play, but matters got even worse when one of the highest ranked Zarya players in the world was chastised by others in the community, because she was so good. After all, who can match a KDA of 6.31! Because of her outstanding efforts, other pro players have quit playing in the same league, and she even had to livestream a couple matches on Twitch in order to clear her name. It sounds ridiculous, but with the one strike ban rule made in Overwatch, it looks like it was worth it.

Miyamoto Didn’t Want to call the new Zelda “Open World”:

Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild is an open world game, Miyamoto and co wanted to give it a more original backing word, even though it finds it’s roots in the adventuring and exploring we see in other games today. Marketing Manager of Nintendo Bill Trinen also believed that many games use their open world as a setting for the story, and explained how the new Zelda wants to go beyond that.

New weapons have been revealed for the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare:

The E3 Preview train is still rolling a full week after the Expo’s closure, and GameInformer, PlaystationBlog, and The Guardian have all posted new details on one of the most talked about games this fall. They all dive deep into the game’s supposedly improved weapons system, with new grenades and a grappling hook added to combat the almost always zero gravity experience. All that matters is how it plays, but it’s nice that we are getting some details beforehand.

Hideki Kamiya has called Scalebound his biggest project yet:

Platinum Games was formed after the remnants of the studio that made God Hand and Viewtiful Joe, and even though they’ve made thirteen games in the span of seven years, studio director believes that their Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, is the biggest thing they’ve done so far. In further statements, he also clarified how the game is bringing Platinum’s freedom to new heights, which is good news after poor licensed titles such as The Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan.

In a new interview, Lawbreakers creator Cliff Besinski believes the game shouldn’t be compared with Overwatch:

While his anime comment at this year’s PC Gaming Show still strings up controversy, former Gears of War creator Cliff Blesinski spoke about how different his game is from Overwatch, all the way down to the gameplay, aesthetic, character loadouts and traits, and more. If anything, it seems like he’s trying to fit on the fine line between not pissing Overwatch players off, and still selling his game at the same time. We wish him the best of luck!

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