The Cube-Daily News Update: 7/16/17

Xbox says in with the new, and Nintendo says out with the old. Here are your essential stories for Sunday, July 16th 2017.

Kingdom Hearts 3 now has an official launch window + a new announced world:

For the conclusion of their D23 gaming conference, Disney pulled out the big guns. The company not only announced Kingdom Hearts 3 will be releasing sometime next year, but also shared that the game is getting a Toy Story themed world. You can watch a full trailer for the Pixar adapted mini-setting below, but keep in mind that Buzz Lightyear, Woody and even a form of mechs happen to be included. Kingdom Hearts 3 was first revealed at E3 2013.

The New Nintendo 3DS is being discontinued:

The younger brother to the now released New Nintendo 3DS XL (New Nintendo 3DS), has been discontinued in Europe and Japan Nintendo has confirmed today, with North America likely to receive the same treatments due to a case of limited stock. While Nintendo hasn’t given an explicit reason, its likely because the New Nintendo 3DS XL was more popular. The console variant was originally released in February 2015, lasting a little over two years on the market.

Custom Gamerpics, Console Co-Streaming, Arena Updates, and a whole lot more are being added to the Xbox One’s social feature library:

Xbox has continued to buff their social features with the Xbox One, and has now announced that custom gamerpics, Mixer co-streaming, user-generated tournaments and automatic controller sign-ins are all being added in a new update. The Xbox’s app is also getting LFG Sharing, Game Pass Browsing, updated Language/Location settings, and Messaging Chat Bubbles at the same time. However, the latter is only available on the Android version of the app.

Peter Molyneux’s next game, The Trial Frontier Challenge is being released very very soon:

Publisher Kongregate and Peter Molyneux spearheaded game developer 22cans have revealed their adventure game The Trial Frontier Challenge is being brought from mobile devices to PC this Summer. However, this simply won’t be a port, as the game is being completely rebuilt for this audience. An example of this is the game’s new weather effects, which can now affect the game’s progress. The Trial will release with a 10% discount, and will cost $15. Watch a trailer below.

Street Fighter 5 is receiving a load of new costumes and stages:

Street Fighter 5 is feeling a sense of nostalgia, as Capcom has now announced that the game will be receiving costumes and stages based off of previous games on July 25th. This includes Suzaku Castle from Street Fighter II, and the Kanzuki Family Stadium which is based off of the Capcom Pro Tour. In terms of separate prices, stages will cost $10, with Pro Tour costumes being $6 and Street Fighter III/Street Fighter IV based costumes being $4. Street Fighter 5 originally released in February of last year.