The Cube-Daily News Update: 7/29/17

Paranormal Activity crosses over with VR, and on the Xbox side, the same goes for Final Fantasy and Forza Horizon. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, July 29th 2017.

Adobe Flash is being killed by 2020:

Adobe has announced it will stop distributing and updating Flash by 2020, after numerous bugs and security malfunctions have arisen in recent years. The program is originally used to run videos and games, but other routes like HTML5 have now grown more popular. Flash had already been phased out of mobile devices in 2011, and first started gaining traction in 1996.

Splatoon 2 is receiving another new weapon:

Hot off the heels of its first batch of free DLC and the game’s original release, Splatoon 2 is now delivering players a new weapon, Splat Duelies. They will release tomorrow morning, and are similar to the Dual Squelchers seen in the first game. The item will be released worldwide at the same time.

Forza Horizon 3 is receiving a new DLC, themed after Final Fantasy:

Microsoft has announced it will be bringing Final Fantasy 15’s Regalia to Forza Horizon 3, and anybody who has played either game will be able to receive the car for free on August 1st. The Forza franchise has had crossovers before so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, especially since Microsoft has held public marketing rights for Final Fantasy 15 since E3 2016.

For Honor is finally receiving dedicated servers:

In order to improve the stability of matches, Ubisoft is bringing dedicated servers to their fighting game For Honor. This means that host migration will be completely overhauled, with no pausing when somebody leaves. The fix has been long requested by players since the title’s February release for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Paranormal Activity’s VR adaptation now has a release date:

VRWERX has announced their VR horror adaptation Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul will be releasing on August 15th for Playstation VR, meaning the title has finally left the Early Access stage. The game was also confirmed to have some amount of post-release content in the same breath. Paranormal Activity’s last VR venture was a promotional tie-in with The Ghost Dimension, released in 2015.

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