The Cube-Daily News Update: 7/4/17

The future of gaming is vast, but todays stories hint at what could happen next. Here are your essential stories for Tuesday, July 4th 2017.

Starbreeze has purchased Enterspace, a tech firm involved with large scale VR experiences:

Ever since announcing its own VR platform, (StarVR), Starbreeze has been heavy on investing in new VR opportunities. Their newest venture now centers on a purchase of Enterspace, a Stockholm based tech firm known for developing large scale VR experience. Opening just last year, the firm’s first piece of work was Ringwalker, a space themed FPX. Starbreeze’s purchase of the company equates to around $350,000, StarVR currently lacks a release date.

Studio MHDR, the studio behind Cuphead, has confirmed details regarding the game’s exclusivity:

Its common for developers to clear up confusion on NeoGAF, and now the example lies with the upcoming platformer Cuphead. Studio MDHR has revealed the game is a lifetime console exclusive, although they do own the IP, meaning a sequel/spinoff of the franchise could come to other platforms. It was also shared that the game could come to Mac and or Linux in the future, the game is set to release on September 29th.

Mass Effect Andromeda is upping its multiplayer mode when it comes to challenge:

Mass Effect Andromeda’s story DLC may have been canned, but that doesn’t mean the game won’t be receiving general updates here and there. EA and Bioware have confirmed a new difficulty mode to be coming to the game’s APEX missions, although other specifications are bare such as a release date. Mass Effect Andromeda originally released on March 21st to mixed reception from fans and critics alike.

After years of online and mobile games, Rebellion is finally working on a proper Evil Genius sequel:

Despite purchasing the rights for the franchise over a decade ago, Rebellion has finally confirmed it will be developing a sequel to the 2004 strategy title Evil Genius. This is despite the game receiving interest from publishers, but unfortunately it may only come to PC. A release date, trailer, and more was not included with the announcement.

George Takei is joining Fifth Journey (a Hong Kong based gaming company) as its creative director:

Known for his performances in Star Trek, Mulan, The Simpsons, and more, actor George Takei has revealed he is now the creative director of Hong Kong based gaming company Fifth Journey. Fifth Journey is notable for partnering with MGM, Universal Pictures, and Lionsgate, with their first title being an interactive adaptation of Kubo and the Two Strings. It has not been detailed what the studio will be taking on next.

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