The Cube- Daily News Update: 7/6/16

We’ve got a pretty busy day during this summer drought, with the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Red Dead appearing in today’s headlines. Nevertheless, here are your essential stories for Wednesday, July 6th 2016.

Call of Duty was nearly set in Rome:

In a new report courtesy of GamesRadar, it’s been revealed that Activision studio Vicarious Visions was working on a Roman themed Call of Duty that would center around Julius Caesar and his troops. The title wasn’t too far into development upon cancellation, and was cancelled because Activision didn’t want to take such a big risk with the Call of Duty game. After this, the title was pitched to Ubisoft, and then put on the burner after being rejected. If fully developed, it would have released during the same time as Advanced Warfare.

More Battlefield 1 Gameplay Has Leaked Out of Another Closed Beta:

Earlier today, Reddit user flynryan962 posted on the Battlefield subreddit that he had received an alpha code and was downloading it. However, it looks like this may have held a lot of proof and wasn’t the case of a clever photoshop. New gameplay has leaked from multiple Youtuber channels (although it’s been taken down) yet the beta will run until the 19th, so expect a lot more.

Red Dead Redemption Will Be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One in just a few short days:

One of the most requested titles is finally coming to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility service on Friday, making up for it’s E3 absence a month ago. Of course, we’re talking about Red Dead Redemption. And if you don’t have the title, it’s being added digitally during the same time. Hopefully this makes Red Dead 2 all the more likely.

FIFA 17’s Cover Vote Has Released:

While they are all on different teams and have varying playstyles, Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard and Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus all have one thing in common, you have the chance to put them on FIFA 17’s cover through social media. Even better, the more votes a player receive, the more Ultimate Team benefits they will get. Lastly, they will likely appear with Messi on the cover, as that’s been the staple for a half decade.

An Overwatch Ripoff is Gaining Ground in China:

Legend of Titan may not ring a bell around anyone in U.S. or European gaming districts, but that’s not stopping one developer from investing over $2 million into the project. However, due to the absence of Overwatch in China, it may be a scummy yet smart move.