The Cube-Daily News Update: 7/8/17

Success comes for Netflix, Digital Extremes, and more, but concerns more unfortunate also happen to fall on a handful of games this time. Here are your essential stories for Saturday, July 8th 2017.

Netflix’s Castlevania adaptation is getting a second season:

Netflix’s Castlevania premiered ever-so recently, but the streaming service is already ready to give it another go. Its been confirmed on their official Twitter that the adaptation will be undergoing a second season with four episodes, although no release date has been listed. The immediate success of Castlevania’s TV show has also guaranteed an Assassin’s Creed series of the same nature, by Adi Shankar, the show’s producer.

4 years after release, Warframe is going open-world:

This weekend has been the second annual TennoCon convention, a convention devoted all to Warframe, and because of this, big news is now being released for the free to play third person shooter. The game is now set to be open world by the end of the year, which will not be procedurally generated, and instead feature a day/night cycle. Features such as custom weapon crafting, expanded social hubs, fishing, flying vehicles, and new cinematics are also set to tag along. Watch the full trailer below.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are getting a keyboard attachment peripheral:

Cyber Gadget has announced they are developing a keyboard extension for the Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Cons, which is set to release on September 30th for 3,758 yen (converts to $30). So far, its only been detailed to release in Japan, but features include 250 grams of weight, and already confirmed support for games such as Dragon Quest X (which is also only releasing in Japan).

Dead by Daylight is adding a “Halloween” themed expansion:

Developer Behavior Digital and Publisher Starbreeze Studios have announced a “Halloween” themed expansion for their survival horror game Dead by Daylight, which will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in August. The expansion includes Micheal Meyers and Laurie Strode as new characters, and a new Haddonfield map. Its set to cost $6, watch a full trailer below.

Sandbox crafting title The Tomorrow Children is shutting down:

First releasing in September of last year, dystopian sandbox game The Tomorrow Children is shutting down. In game currency will only be available until the 28th of September, and all of the game’s services will cease on November 1st. The game seemingly had trouble before-hand, overall reception was not positive and a free version released soon after the game’s full release.

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