The Cube-Daily News Update: 8/25/16

It’s one hell of a news day, featuring stories from popular FPS, upcoming DLC’s, and an important Playstation update. Here are your essential headlines for Thursday, August 25th 2016.

The Playstation 4 is getting two-step authentication:

If you want to be extra careful regarding your Playstation account, a new software update is just for you. It adds 2 step factor authentication, and can be located from Settings to Playstation Network to Account Management to Account Information and then (lastly)to Security. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Duke Nukem may be getting a new game:

In eight days it will be Duke Nukem’s anniversary, and what better way to celebrate it than with a new game? OK, we might not be completely on the dot, but something will definitely be showcased soon, as there’s a new timer on the Duke Nukem website around the same time. Also, there’s a new Twitter account for the game, and it’s bickering with Randy Pitchford at the moment. Quite interesting!

Black Ops 3 is getting one more DLC:

Call of Duty fan site Charlie Intel has revealed that Black Ops 3 is getting another expansion titled Salvation, which should release early September with four maps and a Zombie level. No other info is out, and it’s also not available for pre-order either. Look for a trailer soon then!

Some Division DLC is being delayed to fix bugs:

The Division’s endgame has been heavily criticized, and Ubisoft is finally taking action. In October, the game will be getting a heavy patch instead of planned DLC (titled Survival) which is being delayed into late 2016. Unfortunately, specifics have not been provided yet, but it’s good to see something is being done.

Halo Online has been cancelled:

Last year, you might have heard that Microsoft was working Halo 3 for a free-to-play release in Russia. It seems that dream might be dead however, as VK is reporting that the game has been outright cancelled, as nobody corporately could make a proper decision on the project. At least we never fully saw it’s potential!

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