The Cube-Daily News Update: 8/29/16

It’s not the craziest day for news, but there is a lot of headlines for the hottest indies out there, including one high-profile shutdown. Here are your essential stories for Monday, August 29th 2016.

Klei Entertainment has announced a new game:

Klei Entertainment has always produced ambitious titles, but their upcoming offering, Hot Lava, might blow the other’s out of the water. (No pun intended) It’s the studio’s first 3D game, and it’s premise is right in the name. If you’re interested, you can sign up for an upcoming PC beta!

Renegade Kid is shutting down:

After ten years of great platformers, cult classic portable horror titles, an array of other endeavors, the studio Renegade Kid is coming to an end. However, it’s not all bad. Both co-founders will be starting separate studios, so expect to see more from them soon. (The rights of their games will also go to those places)

Jackbox Games has teased their next project:

Known as the great heads behind Drawful, You Don’t Know Jack, and Fibbage, Jackbox Games have announced their next project, Trivia Murder Party. Although not much info is available yet, the first gameplay will be streamed Wednesday, so keep an eye out for it!

Cyberpunk 2077 will likely have vehicles:

We haven’t heard of Cyberpunk 2077 for what seems like ages, but new job listings not only suggest development is going accordingly, but also give some insight on what the game will feature. One of these include the ever so suspicious “vehicle gameplay programmer”. If you need more proof, the ad for the listing also includes a motorcycle!

Mount & Blade has a PS4/Xbox One release date:

While not the most high-profile RPG on the market, gamers with an under-the-radar eye will be happy to hear that Mount & Blade Warband finally has a September 16th release date, courtesy of Deep Silver and TaleWorlds Entertainment. This means the game will be launching worldwide, as a previously announced Euro date was also the same.

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