The Cube-Daily News Update: 8/30/16

It’s a day of game releases, but as the news would put it, we’ve also seen a delay, tease, and a leak in the last couple of hours! Here are your essential stories for Tuesday, August 30th 2016.

Nintendo will have a new Direct in two days, but there’s a catch:

Nintendo Direct’s have been far less often since Saturo Iwata’s death, but if you’re a portable gamer, you’ll be happy to hear that Nintendo is returning to this format in just two days, to share some new 3DS info. Some titles that could be shown include Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Mario Party Star Rush, Pokemon Sun & Moon and indies, but Nintendo hasn’t given any official info besides the date!

EA is aware of Skate’s reviving popularity:

It’s not uncommon for IGN’s podcasts to feature industry guests, but on their newest Unfiltered episode, we know have some idea that Peter Moore is interested in returning to the Skate franchise. He stated that they were “very aware” that fans want a new game, but didn’t offer any other word. We won’t take it as a tease, just to be safe.

Towerfall is finally coming to Xbox One:

Nearly two years after it’s Playstation 4 release and three after it’s inception, Towerfall Ascension is coming to a Microsoft console near you. While no release date has been given (it is in a playable state however), the version will not only include previously released DLC, but also a new mode! Great to see a sign of goodwill in the indie marketplace.

Let’s Play Video Games have revealed more NX details:

NX details are coming out left and right, and now, Let’s Play Video Games has updated their original reports, with some new and interesting info. They report off of an anonymous source that the console will contain a split D pad, and a share button similar to the PS4. Nothing else was included, but damn if this doesn’t get us excited.

Gran Turismo Sport has been delayed to 2017:

It’s not a fall gaming season without a Sony delay, and if you are a Gran Turismo fan too, your day might have gotten even worse. The series Sport spinoff has delayed to next year, with no quarter to back it. The team blamed this on the title’s ambitions such as the physics and impressive photo mode. At least they are still trying to deliver!

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