The Cube-Daily News Update: 8/4/16

It’s more of your average news day, with the typical dose of Pokemon Go issues, (thanks Niantic!) screwed ports, and reconfirmations. Here are your essential stories for August 4th 2016.

According to Phil Spencer, Phantom Dust and the Spielberg produced Halo TV show are still in development:

Phil Spencer has been praised for his openness after taking the role during Don Mattrick’s resignation, and he’s continuing his pledge by answering a number of Xbox related questions on Twitter. Some of these hinted at fan events, but some of the more notable included how Phantom Dust and the Halo TV show, are reportedly still in development. Since they were announced years ago, its hard to tell how much, but any signs are positive at this point.

Pokemon Go has been released in South America:

Hot off the heels of the soon to begin Olympics, Pokemon Go has released in all South American countries, including Brazil. However, this isn’t limited to the USA’s just cousin. The game has now released in a plethora of Carribean countries, so you can still hunt a Pidgey or two while on vacation. The game still has yet to be released in India, Malaysia, and Egypt however.

Pokemon Go’s new update is leaving players furious:

It seems everything Niantic does to calm the Pokemon Go playerbase down just does the opposite effect, and now Pokemon are an average 33% harder to catch. Most are mad because this goes back into the realm of the game’s micro-transactions, yet as it’s still the #1 grossing on the App Store, they must be doing something right, however greedy.

Platinum Games has turned 10:

Founded after the commercial flops that were God Hand, Okami, and more. Platinum Games is celebrating their double-digit anniversary today. Kotaku actually has a new interview with some of the studio’s leading developer, and of course a Vanquish PC port is being teased yet again. Platinum Games is currently developing Nier: Automata and Scalebound.

Player’s have reported mass problems for the PC port of Telltale’s Batman:

Check the consensus rating of Telltale Batman on Steam, and you might be a little shocked. However, it seems like players have a lot to complain about. many are reporting issues with framerate, lag, and resolution, and Telltale has issued a new patch that supposedly solved some of this. Moral of the story? Don’t buy a Batman game on PC.