The Cube-Daily News Update: 8/5/16

It’s Friday, and we have an array of stories stretching from Quakecon, new rumors, and controversy (not Pokemon Go related this time) Here are your essential stories for August 5th 2016.

Prey has a new gameplay trailer:

I personally loved the E3 2016 reveal for Prey, but I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get gameplay for quite some time. However, Quakecon does wonders, and there’s now a new, albeit short gameplay trailer out. It showcases some of the game’s monsters, and ends with one badass line. You can check it out below.

Overwatch’s Second Season is soon approaching:

Competitive play has been a big deal in Overwatch, and Blizzard has just announced that it’s second season will roll out in early September, although this is subject to change. Blizzard is also offering special items to the devoted and highly professional players, and has released a handy list of how much CP you’ll receive if you competed in the first Season. More info is available on their site.

Blizzard may be remaking the first Starcraft:

Korean news site INews24 is reporting that Blizzard will remaster the first Starcraft with an upgraded resolution and UI. More details should be revealed during Blizzcon, but there’s no word on whether it will be 2 or 3D. Considering how big Starcraft is in Korea it could be true, but we would still take this with a grain of salt.

Reviewers still haven’t received their No Man’s Sky copies (including us):

Sony and Hello Games have come under fire recently, because some people have acquired No Man’s Sky second-hand through broken street dates, all before the critics have released their verdict. This is reportedly because of a pre-launch patch that needs to be introduced, but some sites including Kotaku and Polygon have went ahead and bought an early copy themselves. Let’s just hope the game isn’t this much of a clusterf*ck.

Hitman’s upcoming episode has gotten a wacky trailer:

Not only will Hitman’s next episode be focused in Bangkok, but you’ll have to also kill a fictional singer of an indie rock outfit. Because of this unique theme, a new music video has been released for the episode, featuring the debut single of a new band called The Class. You can check it out below.