The Cube-Daily News Update: 9/12/16

It’s a day filled with Sony stories, but there’s also more! Here are your essential stories for Monday, September 12th 2016.

Sony has outlined the features of the PS4's 4.00 update:

In an extensive blog post, Sony has not only listed all the features that will be available in the Playstation 4’s 4.00 update, but also the release date (tomorrow). Some of the most important additions include a quick menu for Music (so you don’t get booted from a game for going to Spotify), HDR, and redesign What’s New and data transferring. There’s something for everybody, basically.

The Last Guardian is being delayed to December:

Breaking the news of Playstation Blog Europe today, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president Shuhei Yoshida has announced that The Last Guardian is being delayed to December 6th. This was reportedly done to iron out bugs, meaning the game is launching along the new South Park, a Kingdom Hearts remaster, and others.

Playstation VR is getting a demo disc pack-in, here’s what’s on it:

While there weren’t be a pack-in game for Playstation VR (unless you buy a specific bundle) the peripheral is getting a demo disc for all consumers. This includes released and upcoming titles, including EVE: Valkyrie, Playstation VR Worlds, and Resident Evil 7. There are a total of 18 different demos.

One of Gamespot’s most respected is going independent:

Known for producing and hosting both Gamespot shows The Lobby and The Point, Danny O Dwyer is going independent after his departure from the company last Friday. His new endeavor is focused on monthly video game documentaries, and it’s funded by Patreon. Here’s the trailer.

You could be in Mass Effect Andromeda:

Mass Effect fans have been waiting a very long time for Andromeda, and Bioware is softening the wait by letting fans apply for voice acting in the game. Starting the 12th (and ending the 28th), send a recording to and wait until the 30th of November. (That’s when the winners are chosen)

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