The Cube-News Update: 8/28/17

The Cube News Update has changed, but the headlines haven’t. (VR anyone?) Here are your essential stories for Monday, August 28th 2017.

Human Head is returning with Rune Ragnarok:

17 years after the release of the first game, Human Head Studios have announced they are developing a sequel to the open world RPG Rune, titled Rune: Ragnarok. The game currently lacks a list of platforms, a release date, gameplay, and screenshots, but you can watch a trailer below, the last full game Human Head worked on was Minimum, which released in 2015.


Recore Definitive Edition is coming with new achievements:

Following the announcement of Recore: Definitive Edition, Microsoft has announced that this remastered version of the game will be receiving 20o new achievements. This equates to 500 new available Gamerscore, the original game offered 1000. Recore: Definitive Edition is set to release on August 29th.

Steam VR is partnering with Windows Mixed Reality:

Microsoft is also in the news today for revealing a partnership between their Windows Mixed Reality headsets and Steam, meaning games like Rec Room, Superhot, Arizona Sunshine and more will be compatible on the platform. Microsoft also shared that 343 Industries is developing experiences for the devices, but its likely a lot more will be shared at this years IFA. We will update you if any new news comes available.

Sony has lowered the price of Playstation VR:

In time for the holidays, Sony has announced that they will be offering a Playstation VR/Camera bundle at a price cut, meaning it will now retail for $400. Another bundle, which offers Playstation VR Worlds will also now cost $450, Sony shared that these prices will commence on September 1st. The Playstation VR originally released in October of last year.

Nintendo is set to reveal new information for upcoming Nintendo Switch indies soon:

It may not be a Nintendo Direct, but Nintendo has shared that they will be sharing a new video presentation for Nintendo Switch indies on August 3oth. The lineup for the stream has not been shared, but its very likely an archive will be available after it is aired. Nintendo’s last stream was for E3 2017.