The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Review

While Bethesda is adamant on releasing expansive DLC for all their games, they do it no better than Elder Scrolls. Less than half of the content included for the DLC’s of Skyrim would be enough for any other company to create a sequel, and Oblivion was definitely the stepping stone for this trend. Now I’m curious to see how this strategy is adapted to Elder Scrolls Online, with the new Morrowind themed expansion.


Amongst great mechanics and immersion, the exploration of the Elder Scrolls series can typically be overlooked by players. Thankfully, this doesn’t occur with the Morrowind expansion, and Bethesda makes note to learn about the world’s lore during plenty of your journey. Its also a smart way to introduce the game to those not completely familiar with previous Elder Scrolls games, or even Online.

The game expands diversity in its classes when it comes to the Morrowind expansion, but a big hole has still not been filled. This is the game’s tiresome combat, which not only leaves much to be desired, but also doesn’t fit well amongst the game’s controls. While Elder Scrolls Online has much to go for it now, this is one aspect which you’ll have to get used to.

Story & Design:

The story of ESO actually is pretty good for an modern MMO, but a problem I found that continued with Morrowind is that the game didn’t know how to pad it. Sure, the dialogue and themes are pretty enveloping, but over and over again, you’ll have to do way too many quests to get to the real meat. Unfortunately, I have a feeling many players will lose commitment in the story due to this.

On the flip-side, the level design of Morrowind is much improved. For example, the game’s best section takes heavy influence from a recent game that you wouldn’t believe matches this well. I won’t spoil the title, but its clear as day once you start playing.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

If you happened to have worries, know that content is not an issue in Morrowind. The game’s modes are vast, and this is already on top of an already breathing open world. I also think that the slight changes Morrowind makes to ESO also leaves players to be more attuned to grinding, as the game feels smoother than ever. Its another smart addition really, as the community is now stronger than ever.

In terms of presentation, Morrowind obviously doesn’t revamp what players have experienced before, but does increase the greatness. New sound effects fit the world beautifully, and if you’re really familiar with Morrowind, you might recognize a couple of call-backs. Its a definite, beautiful way to do fan service.


Sure, combat is still a flop, but in almost every other aspect Morrowind adds to Elder Scrolls Online in some pretty sufficient ways. Does this mean it revolutionizes the game? Not necessarily. But you can’t deny how it’ll give great content to old players, and plenty plenty more for old ones.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind gets a 7/10 (Average)

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