The Issue With Server Names in WoW

A while back I made a video on YouTube called, “Blizzard Please Stop with The Tacky Server Names “. I also made a forum post which got no traction even though it has good reasoning behind it; above is a image I made showing what I am suggesting which would be more pleasing to the eye.

Now I want to start this article by clarifying that I am not whining; no, instead I am constructively criticizing Blizzard Entertainment for eye sore UI design. Let me show a simple alternative that would help.

[Bob*}:Says: Hi Bill*

Now if I am playing a MMO I want to be known by my name not my server name. Here are the critiques for such against such a UI design being a part of the game.

I agree with this because for many years server names were not a part of the UI in the game. Your character name would be what others around you would address you as. Though the reason I am constantly arguing and pushing Blizzard to remove the server names is because I believe that it is important for players to project their identity first and foremost in the game.

Such a design as I showed above is likely possible to have implemented into the game. However, as most development teams work this is something that would take such low priority in changing that they would probably put off getting around to it for a long time. Which makes me wonder how closely the developer who designed the chat interface for World of Warcraft reflected upon the design of it when Cross Realm Zones (CRZ) was implemented.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Should Blizzard do something about it? Leave it alone? Place it on the list of things to do eventually?

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