Zack Hage
Zack Hage
Jul 28, 2016 · 3 min read

Horde modes are really hard to perfect in games, especially when they are the main basis of the premise and objectives. The weapons, enemy variety, and setting all have to be top notch in order to establish a feeling that doesn’t trigger tediousness. Orc Slayer, a newly released horde-like first person brawler didn’t have the most ambitious of concepts, but I believed that it could redeem itself with the higher form of what’s been previously mentioned. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and here’s exactly why.


Even when cornered, you don’t face much challenge

For a game that yields the prospect of combat so much, it’s absolutely stunning that Orc Slayer feels derived of it. It’s clunky, and doesn’t imply any sort of barbaric feeling, which is kind of ironic because you are killing orcs. The game also suffers the fact that way too many enemies crowd in at once. This makes it nearly impossible to experiment with upgrades, and blurs any possible depth the game could have had.

Story & Design:

Some of the weapons are interesting enough

If I had one adjective to explain Orc Slayer, it would be repetitious. The level structure is very samey, and usually showcases the same environments and landscapes without pulling a true trick of it’s own. On top of this, the game’s story leaves much to be desired, and so does the AI, enemy variety and design. If I ever have to see another Orc again, I’ll fall asleep faster than if I was on Nyquil.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

One of the more annoying flaws is that you can see enemies spawn right next to you!

Orc Slayer would be a generic game if it wasn’t plagued with an array of technical issues and improper glitches. Half way through playing one level, all sound effects cut out, leaving me with a rather boring medieval loop. In the same breath, I saw graphical glitches far and wide, including the quite obvious frame drops. The rest of the game isn’t graphically impressive either, so there isn’t anything to be redeemed here as well.


The one good thing I got out of my couple hours with Orc Slayer is the weapon ideas the game provides, but even that was screwed up by how simple and dull the game makes these seem. This is a more than common trait of the game itself really. The lack of variation is so in your face that every simple task feels like a chore.

The Orc Slayer gets a 2/10 (Awful)

We’d like to thank The Orc Slayer Team for giving us a code!

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Zack Hage

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Zack Hage




The collective gaming guide of in-depth reviews, interviews, and opinions. Keep calm and game on. 🎮

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