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Is For Honor’s Biggest Exploit a Fault?

After following For Honor since launch, one thing has become quite evident: not everyone loves the ledge kill.

It’s been a divisive feature in Ubisoft’s historic strategic fighter that’s spurred debates on Reddit, 9Gag and other corners of the web. On one side of the argument, gamers are complaining that it’s an easy-to-exploit maneuver that takes any skill out of For Honor’s in-depth fighting mechanics. Combatting them are other gamers with one piece of advice: “Git gud.”

After playing a few rounds, it became clear that the ledge kill wasn’t as spammed as the internet led me to believe, but I could see the frustration with it. With few ways to counter being pushed of a ledge, it really does come down to knowing what button to press at what time. That being said, it is incredibly easy to pull off on new and inexperienced players and maybe could be easier to counter. It does have the ability to take away from the meat of the combat.

Of course, who can complain when we’re given hilarious ledge kills?

A standout has to be what I’ll call “Samurai Tossing,” an obvious Viking favorite.

Also, who can forget the always comical self-inflicted ledge kill victory jump?

It’s not always fun and games, though, especially when face-to-face with someone that knows what they’re doing. As we learn here, never charge somebody that has their back to a deadly cliff.

Here we learn never to strafe yourself into prime position to be knocked to your death.

While inconvenient and frequently annoying, falling off a ledge isn’t always instant death and can lead to some truly awesome and well-deserved kills.

Or, if you’re this guy, incredibly embarrassing blunders.

Though the ledge kill isn’t really a broken mechanic and can occasionally require skill to both avoid and pull off, there may be some aspects about it that could be addressed in later updates. Maybe, at the very least, let’s pretend that a 350 lb Viking would be a little harder for a 175 lb Assassin to kick over the edge.

Then again, who needs ledge kills when you can spam attacks…

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