Today in Gaming: 5/16/19

Zack Hage
Zack Hage
May 17, 2019 · 3 min read

Post-release, we’ll post the news. Here are your essential stories for Thursday, May 16th, 2019.

Metro Exodus has outlined its first two upcoming expansions:

It's rare for single-player games to receive significant post-release content (The highly acclaimed God of War for example), but 4A isn’t willing to give up on Metro Exodus just yet. In fact, the game’s roadmap has been completed and is promising two expansions. The first is titled The Two Colonels and releases this Summer, while the second is titled Sam’s Story and releases early next year. Story-wise, the former focuses on a rise of mutant attacks in Khlebnikov and Novosibirisk, while the latter is centered around a U.S. marine in post-apocalyptic Vladivostok. Both DLC’s will also not feature Exodus’s main protagonist, Artyom. The Expansion pass will cost $25, with individual DLC’s being priced at $15 each.

Steep is completely free on Uplay until May 21st:

Steep started this year with being free on Playstation Plus, and now the favor is being continued on Ubisoft’s own store, Uplay. A new promotion lets players access all of the game for free as long as they get it by May 21st. Keep in mind this is PC only! Ubisoft has not given an official reason for this promotion, but it's nice to see nevertheless.

Nintendo has detailed Super Mario Maker 2’s install size:

After the latest Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Maker 2 went up for pre-purchase on the Switch’s eShop which reveals the game’s file size as a result. The level editor sequel will take 2.8 GBs in fact, which is 1.3 more than the original game on WiiU. This isn’t a surprise when considering this one has a story mode unlike the first one, and copious other new features like Paper Mario and 2.5D Mario elements. Super Mario Maker 2 is set to release on June 28th, and a special edition with a 12 month Nintendo Switch Online subscription is also being released at the same time (for $10 more than the original $60 price).

Surviving Mars is the next game to be a part of this week’s Free Play Days:

Xbox Free Play Days has always been a way for Xbox Live Gold members to explore a diverse, albeit limited lineup of games with no price repercussions, and now Surviving Mars has been set as the next title for this weekend. As with previous Play Days titles, Surviving Mars is also on sale (in this case $67% off for all editions). Also, keep in mind that Surviving Mars is such a long game, you’ll be unlikely to complete it within a weekend.

Microsoft and Sony are doing an unprecedented partnership for cloud gaming:

Yesterday Netflix teased itself entering the video game space, and now Playstation and Microsoft are teaming up to look at new cloud gaming possibilities. Both companies shared the news via their respective sites, and Microsoft will be handling the software side while Sony handles the hardware side. This move is likely a response to the upcoming Google Stadia service, and Amazon looking to join the video game space. Sony has its own cloud gaming service with PlayStation Now, while Microsoft owns Azure.


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