Touhou Double Focus Review

Touhou just happens to be one of those franchises that has flourished beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, but with that comes responsibility. Numerous, unwarranted spinoffs can hurt the franchise’s name, and any attempts to become more accessible can receive backlash by fans. Now, the franchise has gone full platformer, but is it a wise move? We certainly don’t want another series to be lost in controversy.


While designing Double Focus, it’s clear the developers didn’t forget to leave the Touhou cast behind them. Aya and Momiji are the two playable characters, and the other parts of the game’s line of characters are wonderfully represented. Gameplay-wise, though, this is all fairly simple, and expect to see typical platformer tropes that don’t impact the game in a negative or positive light.

Story & Design:

The best parts of Double Focus’s design doesn’t rest in the environments or varied mechanics, but rather the secrets players can find. Wether they are small or big, they make the game far more enjoyable, and the areas they are placed in also vary in terms of acquiring with skill. Considering the game is somewhat short, this is a nice touch.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

It wouldn’t be apt to compare Double Focus to platformer classics, but even against other recent games in the genre, it can fall short in the presentation department. Animations are clunky, and the palette’s of environments always fail to impress. Touhou has some wonderful presentation in many of its titles, but it fails to shine here.


I’ve played platformer games worse than Touhou Double Focus, but I’ve also played far better. The game only really had one caveat to keep me going, and contained few characteristics that make the Touhou series so unique. In the end, it won’t tarnish the franchise, but it’s not going to set the world on fire either.

Touhou Double Focus gets a 6/10 (Limited Appeal)

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