Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Review (PS4)

While I was excited at the prospect of UMvC3 coming to Playstation 4 after it’s PSX announcement, I was also reminded that Capcom has done poor jobs with fighting ports, especially recently. The most high-profile example is Ultra Street Fighter 4, which contained egregious errors and bugs. Has Capcom learned their lesson, or are they stepping on the same path?


Because of how prolific the Marvel and Capcom licenses are, extra polish needs to go into UMvC3 so it stays balanced and entertaining. The Playstation 4 version keeps this rule, and lets the accessibility ride through any type of fan. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean challenges have been removed.

The game also fits beautifully on a Playstation 4 controller, as players are still able to perform the most breathtaking of moves and combos. Unfortunately the game lacks any new content, meaning that you’ll relive the same intenseness if you’ve happened to play the game before.

Story & Design:

Capcom goes all in with UMvC3, and this is shown through the game’s character, which contains numerous references to lore. This can either be presented through snarky dialogue or the game’s alternate costumes, and each work well.

One of the few issues I did experience with UMvC3’s port is that it lacks a tutorial, which should be essential to first-time players wanting to know all the steps before jumping right in. This isn’t that inconvenient considering the current Playstation 4 player-base for the title, but if you’re a fighting fan who’s never played the game before, this will disappoint you.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

The PS4 versions of UMvC3 do have visual improvements, and contribute to cementing the great style present in menus, gameplay, and cutscenes. Pair this with the game’s great soundtrack and you have a port that feels appropriate even with subtle changes.


While hardcore players may be annoyed at Capcom lacking any new content for their UMvC3 Playstation 4 port, they didn’t cover up what made an otherwise great game back in 2011. As I get myself ready for Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, I’ll be sure to pop this one in, and I suggest you do too if you’re at all looking forward to the title.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 gets a 8/10 (Very Good)

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