You Need to Play Marvel Heroes Omega!

Marvel Heroes Omega is a free-to-play action RPG in the vein of Diablo, designed in part by Blizzard legend David Brevik and many other talented folks at Gazillion.

It first launched on PC a few years ago, and it has gone through some name changes over the years as they’ve overhauled entire features, gameplay systems, and added brand new graphics. It used to be on a numbered yearly release schedule, and now it’s called Omega.

It’s very good, and it’s out now in early access on PS4, and coming to Xbox One in a month.

I played a ton of the game on PC shortly after launch, then only checked in on the updates a little bit over time. The new PS4 version got me back in a big way, to the point where I’m now considering spending irresponsible amounts of money on it.

Let me tell you about why it’s so good.

Gameplay Improvements

Marvel Heroes Omega is a strictly isometric action RPG. You pick one of several Marvel characters and run around fighting bad guys, collecting loot, and leveling up.

In the older versions of the game, you unlocked skills via a complex skill tree. Now, they’ve taken a page from Diablo III and introduced a linear skill progression where you can mix and match skills at will.

This is a wonderful change! I’ve always liked this system. You don’t have to worry about leveling yourself into a corner, and you can experiment with skills at your leisure.

Combat feels natural and precise on a controller, and I never missed my mouse and keyboard. Character movement is snappy and fun, too. It feels natural on a controller and it’s very easy to learn even for beginning players, since you don’t have to worry about camera control.

UI Design/Optimization

It’s tough to bring PC games to consoles, but Gazillion nailed it here. The new interface is snappy and easy to use, and it never feels like you’re getting bogged down in menus. Little detailed touches in the UI animations show that some real care went into this.

The game also loads fast. Which is great, because it makes it even easier to get lost in. I remember the original version of the game struggling to load at times, so the speed improvement here is great.

I know that the PC version got basic controller support recently, and I hope they add this newer UI back into that version at some point, because it would be cool.


I hadn’t touched the PC version since its major graphical overhaul, which is also included on PS4. And wow, it looks so much better! Marvel Heroes was never a bad-looking game, but its Unreal Engine 3 heritage was apparent. Now it looks more or less like a modern game, with plenty of cool shader and particle effects. Nice!

The framerate also holds up really well…though to be fair I’m playing on PS4 Pro and can’t speak to standard PS4 performance.

Fair Free-To-Play Systems

You can try out any character up to level 10, and you’re given enough currency to unlock someone right away. Buying new heroes is not super expensive, and if you put in a bunch of time, you can even earn these unlocks without putting in any money.

I only spent money on the PC version at the outset on a founder’s pack, and I never felt like I absolutely had to keep pumping in funds to keep going. The same holds true on PS4. But this might be where I finally go all-in. There are so many characters to play now that I’m going to have to unlock some of them without waiting to earn the currency. There’s lots of cool costumes too.

Being largely a single player/co-op game, most of the content is focused around you owning stuff forever and not paying to just beat other people at the game. Which is good. There are some boosts available, but it’s all targeted around your personal experience. It’s the right way to go about this, and the game has way more characters and content than the average Diablo clone.

Final Thoughts

Marvel Heroes Omega is a quality video game. I’ll be playing through all the content and writing a full review very soon, but it’s a safe download for console or PC gamers. The PS4 version runs very nicely, and I have no doubt the Xbox One version coming out next month will be good as well.

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