Zenith Review

Nowadays, RPG’s have gotten more and more complicated. Inventory is a constant issue, character creation is through-the-roof in detail, and the genre is even supplying elements for games that are completely out of it’s league. (Call of Duty, cough cough) Thanks to circumstances like this, I’ve developed a yearning for titles emulating the CRPG experience. Divinity did it well enough, so can Zenith knock it out of the park as well?


Instead of honoring CRPG’s, Zenith spends a lot of time playing the tongue-in-cheek card. It sounds interesting enough, but after a couple of hours with the game, I realized that this distracted the game from other prospects, including gameplay. Hardcore players of the genre will find that Zenith’s loot system is almost unfinished, with leveling up being only a small notch above. All major characteristics including combat are like this, meaning that it’s even harder to block out.

Story & Design:

Trying to take the funny route is always a big risk for a game, and Zenith so nearly pulls it off. However, it feels very inconsistent. There’s less of an epic scale of course, but that tarnishes the motivation needed to finish the game. Level design is also repetitive, establishing Zenith as a mismatched creation.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Zenith’s graphics fall between the line of outstanding and preposterously unacceptable, so the game has less space to improve in the presentation department. Screen tearing and frame rate issues ruin the possibility to redeem traits like the game’s attention to detail. With each and every mistake, Zenith’s audience gets smaller and smaller.


Zenith has charm, but fails to finish anywhere near first place with an array of taxing issues. Some of it’s material would even fit better in a book, showing that the game’s designers haven’t squandered their potential just yet, although it may take time for it to reform.

Zenith gets a 4/10 (Bad)

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