Zir Gift, Part 1

He stood in the middle of zir public room, his naked back to the door. His arms were spread wide and suspended from the ceiling by carbonwire. His head bowed.

Marquelle, sometime Sovereign of the Eight Worlds, allowed zirself a moment to enjoy the view.

“Does our gift please your radiance?” Tronli, the Minister of Defense asked.

Zi glided forward and sank zir fingers into that delicious butt. Zir gift stiffened, shuddered, but made no sound. His dark skin seemed pale beside zir ebony fingers. Nails trailed up his back made him shiver. The body was firm, but zi saw a hint of softness. As if he had dedicated himself to honing his body for years and recently stopped.

Tronli was a palpable presence behind zir. She had been forced on Marquelle after the last election and there was little trust between them. To reject her gift would be to create a public rift in the government. To accept… would need to be done carefully if it was not to put Marquelle in the minister’s debt.

Most of zir mind was on the political ramifications, but zir fingers continued to explore his body. Zi circled him slowly, taking in the muscles of his arms, the angle of his hip. His hair obscured his face. Zi placed zir fingers under his chin. He tensed, then lifted his head.

The top half of his face was a mask of scars. Burns that destroyed his appearance and robbed him of his sight. He barely breathed as zir fingers examined the scars. Tracing the ridges and hollows fire had carved into his skin.

“This wasted one was one of our best, before the accident,” the minister said, “Now he’s useless. But your humble servant thought your greatness might get some enjoyment out of him.”

“I see.” If zi hadn’t been touching him, would zi have noticed the heat that flooded his cheeks? “We have worked together for some time now, my wise counselor. If your wisdom agrees I believe we may set aside formality and speak with each other freely.”

“Gladly, my Liege.” She puffed up like a proud rooster.

Four long strides and Marquelle was directly in front of the minister, forcing her back with Marquelle’s very presence. One step. Another. Until her back pressed against the wall.

“Ah… um… my Liege…”

“I am always happy to help out my ministers. So I will, of course, do you the favor of taking this one off your hands. But next time you wish to give me a gift, do better than one of your discards.”

The minister was sweating now. “Yes… Yes, of course, my Liege. You realize… I mean, ah… I certainly never intended — ”

Marquelle placed one sharpened fingernail gently under the minister’s right eye.

“More importantly. If I ever hear you refer to someone with a physical impairment as ‘useless’ again, I will blind you myself.”

“I… but… a fighter…”

“Has proven they can be trained, minister. And so can learn a new service.” The nail dug into skin and a single drop of blood welled up around the tip. “Do not push me on this minister. You will not like the result.”

Marquelle turned zir back on the minister. A few moments later the door closed and Marquelle knew they were alone.

“Do you speak?”

His head turned towards her voice, then he froze and let his head fall again. His loss was very recent. “Yes, my Liege. If this broken one is permitted.”

“If I wish you silent, I will say so.”

“Yes, my Liege.” He swayed slightly. It was a strange movement. Not that of a weakened or exhausted man. Just a slight movement back and forth. Almost as if he shifted his feet, except they never moved. “My Liege. Thank you. For what your greatness said. But the exalted minister is right. What use is a blind fighter?”

“Are you refusing to serve me?”

His knees spasmed. If he could have, he would have dropped to his knees. Instead, his whole weight fell on his wrists and he grunted. “No.” His breath sounded harsh in the silence. “This one’s life is yours, my Liege. This broken one pledged to you when I joined your army.”

“Then I think you will be surprised what use I have for a blind fighter.” Zir fingers explored his body again.

“How? This broken one cannot guard your door. Cannot escort your greatness as you travel. Cannot even serve your radiance in your bed!”

Zi laughed. “You, most valued one, clearly know nothing of what goes on in my bed,” Zi ordered the wires to release him and retract. His exposure had made him vulnerable and thus beautiful. But his honest pain left him more vulnerable than any bindings. “Will you, oh honest and proud one, serve me?”

Now he went to his knees.

“This loyal one has worshiped your radiance from afar. This unworthy one would be honored to serve you directly, my Liege.”

Zi grabbed his hair in zir fist, pulled him up and ravished his mouth. “Good.”

I’m not sure where this story is going, but I’m sure I’ll be writing more about Marquelle and zir ‘gift’ in the future.