The Risotto of Change

A risotto picture I found online.

In this recipe I will guide you through the preparation of the Risotto of Change. This is a hearty and rich risotto I first tasted last year during my Alternative Spring Break experience and I loved it so much that this year, I am hoping to make a big batch myself! But before we get to that, I’ve detailed the recipe. I’m sure you and your friends will be delighted with the results!

STEP ONE: The Veggies

Use only the finest ingredients and allow them to shine. In a saucepan, create a soffritto by combing a selection of diverse vegetables, maybe some shallots, onions, celery, or carrot. Get to know the veggies! Each veggie brings a different perspective and valuable experiences to the dish. Sauté with olive oil in an open and safe environment and allow the vegetables to get to know and really begin to respect and trust one another.

STEP TWO: The Rice

As the veggies begin to get comfortable, introduce the rice. Choose a starchy variety of rice, I like Arborio, that will introduce new, interesting material into the dish. The best rice will challenge the vegetables, making them re-evaluate critically their place not only in the risotto, but in the kitchen as a whole.


As the fatty soffritto and rice mixture begins sticking to the pan, add in a splash of white wine to get everyone moving. The acidity of the wine will cause the flavor profile of the dish to travel and begin its journey to deliciousness. The wine will deglaze the pan, allowing for deeper discussions to take place even as the journey is unfolding.

STEP FOUR: The Broth

A hearty broth should be slowly incorporated into the dish. The risotto gains richness from the broth and sees that broth too is composed of humble vegetables hard at work. Broth is very versatile and serves the kitchen in many dishes and avenues.

STEP FIVE: The Cheese

After all of the broth is absorbed by the risotto, take it off the heat and mix in butter and your favorite cheese. We don’t want to overcook and exhaust the risotto. A moment of creamy reflection will hopefully allow the risotto realize how far its come: from a smattering of ingredients to a decadent dish anyone would be impressed with!

STEP SIX: The Risotto

After all is said and done, risotto, no matter now special it is, is meant to be eaten. Yet not everyone has the luxury of eating a delicious risotto. So now that you know how to make a risotto, why not teach it to someone else? We should hope that just as there always hungry mouths to feed, there are always risottos being made somewhere in this big world.

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